Just Ask Dad!

Asking v. Say something in order to obtain an answer or some information.

You know how they say, “with age comes wisdom”? Well…my dad just celebrated his 66th birthday–and whoever said that must have not met my dad yet! JUST KIDDING! :)


My pops is a brilliant man! So much so that he now knows what Facetime is! #BOOM! (and he understands that Facetime means you can see each other’s faces). 

Ok, all jokes aside. I know I talk about my dad ALOT, but the truth is he is my best friend and I am lucky to have him in my life (it’s ok you can shed a tear–I’m a sweetheart). PLUS–we go on cool adventures, hang out like friends, he gives advice like a dad, and he acts like a kid with me!

I can literally talk to him about 90% of everything (sorry gotta have 10% worth of secrets) :)

Tomorrow, Audrey L. and I are going to get tatted up (I was originally just getting my “I am Titanium” touched up for race season) but I came up with a brilliant idea to get a new one that reminded me of my dad.

Pops is an avid lover of birds. He does not discriminate the birds, he loves them all!


 This is my favorite picture he’s taken. I call it “duck butt”!

He goes bird watching and meets chicks (go figure) and he also has a bird call app on his new iPhone. He loves that app–he even showed me how to use it…in a restaurant…with people…


He thinks I was embarrassed, but the man tortured me so much as a kid in public that it doesn’t phase me anymore. Honestly, I just blame it on his age and then the strangers understand. 


At this point ya’ll think I am the worst daughter ever, but seriously I bet my dad is cracking up by now (he knows I love him). 

So my idea was to get some small birds as my next tattoo. I found a super cute picture of one I liked and I just HAD to get my dad’s opinion. This is how it went when I asked dad (sorry for putting you on blast pops):



……I’ll give you a minute–I couldn’t stop laughing!

Why would I ever try to buy you a pair of green stilettos dad? OMG stop it, stop it, I can’t stop laughing…


Do you see where I get it from now? Do you?

Anyway, once we resolved the whole “I’m not buying you shoes” ordeal he finally agreed that they look pretty cool. So I may have a new addition tomorrow. We should start thinking of names for each bird (I am weird like that)!

Always remember, you are never too old to ask your dad for advice! I ask the man everything (almost) and you know what? He’s always right (almost). With age does come wisdom and the man has taught me a lot. Like how to be more clear on the questions I ask. 

Happy birthday week pops!


What are some cool names for my bird tattoo coming soon?





2 thoughts on “Just Ask Dad!

  1. As the Dad of three girls, this made me laugh and cry at the same time. What a wonderful witness to your relationship with your Dad. You made me reflect on the widely different personalities of each of my girls. Sarah, 25, is the traditionalist. She has been a mom since she was 5. Emily, 23, is mostly still a little girl on the inside and i love it. She still watches sponge bob! Kelly, 19 is a hippy born 40 years too late. Her ipod is Beetles and Led Zepplin.

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