Its Greek to Me! + Weekend Recap

Greek n. The ancient or modern language of Greece, the only representative of the Hellenic branch of the Indo-European family. 

Have you ever heard the saying, “Its Greek to me?”. For me, this saying means that you are experiencing something foreign and unknown. Although the unknown can be scary…it can also be one of the best nights of your life!

This weekend I went to Columbia to visit my friend again. He has Greek heritage (like knows the language and all) and suggested we go eat at a local Greek restaurant. 

I had no idea what to expect! However, I went with it and it had a big payoff!

Amazing Food!




I didn’t try the lamb, but those potatoes were the BOMB!

DRINKS!!! Oh..and SHOTS (a few too many)! 



The shots were some Greek specialty that tastes like black licorice. Although I hate the way black licorice tastes…these shots ended up being my best friend by the end of dinner.




Somehow I even got pulled on the dance floor. Greek dancing is a TON different than the traditional booty popping FYI! 

After we got a little liquored up we went and saw “Bad Grandpa” at the movies. The movie was HILARIOUS! We were dying laughing! I am sure the alcohol helped a little too :) .

We then walked to a local beer joint where I saw this zipper dude and made him take a picture with me. Who can say no to a cute girl and a camera right?


You know me…always making funny faces! Here’s some more:

Halloween Masks


Got a mouth guard for sleeping. It has fallen out 2/2 nights (I have no clue how…it ends up on the other side of my bed). I grind me teeth which ends up in dentist bills!


It finally hit me that I have 2 weeks before Savannah Half. I also realized that I fell off the band wagon way more than I expected. It’s like I started off strong with determination following my schedule and all. Then, I got bored and started running the same routes over and over and just started lowering miles. Now I am 2 weeks out, excited, ready to train, and juggling work, life, and running. 

One thing I have learned from all this…I have to mix it up and keep variety in my workouts so I don’t go through a dry spell again. I know I will do well on my run. Probably not my original 2:00 like I planned, but damn better than 2:30 like last year with no training.

Another struggle has been with food and weight. I have kept my plan of no meat and eating clean, but somehow I have managed to gain 1-2 pounds back. Yes, this is ridiculous I get that, but when you work your ass off for 9 pounds– 2 gained means a lot.


I picked myself back up Monday and pushed 4 miles out. I really wanted to run more, but I was too lazy and didn’t allow enough time. I am feeling some big miles in me tomorrow because I’ll be home in Bluffton.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Also, any tips to help keep boredom away from marathon training would be amazing!


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