Fuel Station

Fu·el  n.  Something consumed to produce energy.

We’ve all heard the saying, “you are what you eat” well…IT’S TRUE! What you put in is what you get out. If you want to be a fat blob of greasy, fat, have no idea what is made of–then continue to shove your face with fried chicken, burgers, grease, and whatever crap you can find. However, if you want to feel great, look good naked, be full of positive energy, and be healthy on the inside–then fuel yourself with foods that help produce the RIGHT energy.

At the fuel station you will find recipes, ideas, and my personal thoughts on what has helped me from being a greasy blob to a lean mean fuel machine (okay, okay, not so much but a girl can dream right!). Don’t get me wrong, fried buffalo chicken is my weakness (after all I do live in the south!) and I do love having a fun time with my friends (and all that is included in fun i.e. the occasional sugar filled alcohol beverage) most importantly I work a 40 + hour work week, so it is impossible to eat lean all the time (and not want to hurt someone).

So like in any race, use this fuel station as a checkpoint to gain energy to stay strong and finish strong!

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