Fast Forward! Week/Week-End Recap

For·ward Adverb. Onward so as to make progress; toward a successful conclusion.


Moving forward. We do it every day! In order to do anything or get any where you have to keep one foot in front of the other and just keep going, right? RIGHT! 

Last week was my birthday (just had to milk it one last time) and I took a mini vaca and went home to visit my parents. I pretty much feel like I took a break from everything (including posting and writing) and honestly…I am ok with that. I miss you guys, but my brain needed a vaca too.

So what’s the deal with the moving forward you ask? Well, trying to get out of my vaca rut has been a challenge. I have been back since Friday and haven’t posted a single thing. Well…I am not on vaca any more and even if I was, my life moves forward and so should my blog. 

In order to get you all up to speed, I decided to hit the fast forward button and give a quick recap of what you’ve missed. You can call the cliff notes version if you want. :)


Franks and I drove down to HHI


Went for a B-Day run 10K special. (I didn’t really pass out, I was just teasing :) )


Celebrated with a blondie. My fav!! YUM YUM


Met up with my dad and girl friend Lucy and her fiancé (still sounds weird, super excited for them!) We went to the local farmer’s market! There was so much freshness around, I wanted one of everything!



Just random pics from the market. I found out about this awesome program called “back pack buddies” they take donations to fill book bags that are sent home with under privileged children on the weekends. The bags are filled with food for the children to eat. However, a book bag of food may not last for a child and their family. It is an awesome cause. You should look it up!


We ate at this cool restaurant called the Dispensary. This is where we were eating outside and a tree fell on a table and sent a girl to the hospital (it was crazy).


That’s Lucy! We have been friends since middle school. You know how it is when someone moves away (I.E. me) you lose touch, regain touch, lose touch, regain touch again. Now she is getting married and I am oh so happy for her!


Went out with my dad and saw my 7th grade basketball coach perform old school music (I love how creepy this picture is). Loved it! Pops of course left me on the side lines to go dancing with some chick. Pops is a P.I.M.P to say the least. 


All good things come to an end. We set off for our journey back home. Franks pretty much thinks I’m crazy.


I am literally completely skipping Saturday like it never happened. So Sunday I was off, I met up with my friend Alicia and her friend Alice at Bees Knees (it’s a cute little place downtown-they have mimosas).


I don’t think me and mid day mimosas get along. I had to take a nap ASAP! I am such a baby.


After a pretty good Monday at work, I went to Oxygen and did spin with Logan! I absolutely loved the music she played tonight (it was that booty shaking kind!). We were supposed to do TRX, but Lo forgot her tennis shoes (I thought I should support her in the no TRX thing).

TADA! You can now change the setting back to normal. Hope you feel caught up to speed! 

So there is a quick part two to the whole forward thing. Talking with a twitter friend today made me realize that nothing is too big or too small to ever get in your way of your goals/ dreams. Life happens. Even when you can’t control the part of life that happens to you. How you handle it, how you over come…that is your story. Not what happened TO you, but what you did to over come it, how you became stronger, how you grew. That’s the forward progress champions talk about. Always remember that you are strong and you can over come ANYTHING! 

Happy Monday! Tomorrow is take over Tuesday! (I have no idea what that means, but i’ll come up with something!) :)


How was your weekend?



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  1. Totally appreciate you supporting me in the no-TRX thing. I may or may not have forgotten my shoes on purpose :) by the way, there is a Back Pack Program offered through Golden Harvest Food Bank locally. Check it out on their website!!

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