White Wedding Weekend Recap

Wed·ding n. A marriage ceremony, esp. considered as including the associated celebrations.


“It’s a great day for a WHITE WEDDING!”- sorry I couldn’t get that song out of my head when thinking of this post. It is true though! It did end up being a great day for a wedding.

The reason I came back home this weekend was for my long time friend’s wedding. I am so happy I did because they made an absolutely gorgeous wedding day couple (they are an amazing couple year round, but they looked gorgeous and happy on their day).



However, before we could celebrate the ceremony of two becoming one…we had to celebrate the night before the wedding! 

Lucy didn’t want to stay alone…so the girls and I spent the night with the bride to be. It was like 7th grade slumber party all over again–except there was a Honky Tonk involved and dixie cup shots (we didn’t do that in 7th grade). 

After our fun filled karaoke night and throw back sleepover it was time for WEDDING DAY!

While the bride and her crew were getting all dolled up, I was home helping my mom put in a new bathroom floor (yes I can do hard labor) :)

Only one problem happened…nose bleed! UGH! I thought I grew out of these suckers, but with this whole allergy/cold/rhinitis crap I guess I irritated my nose so bad that it wanted revenge!

Sorry if you get grossed out, but when I say I have a nose bleed I mean it looks like someone took a knife to my nose…they aren’t pretty. My nostrils have some issue with clotting when my blood vessels burst so growing up I had to go to the E.R once and many doctors visits later to stop the bleeding. I haven’t had one like that in YEARS, but yesterday brought back too many memories. Needless to say after 15 minutes of heavy bleeding..I was a little drained, but still started laying the floor down! (I am that hard core). 

I know my nose bleed story really helps my dating life (NOT!), but you never know when someone else has the same problems as you and I have to share all my weirdness with you guys!


Wedding date time! My pops was my date to the wedding because he was a major player in mine and Lucy’s friendship growing up. I knew he would love to see this moment with me. 

Not only was the ceremony absolutely gorgeous…


The reception was a ton of fun! She had good southern style food like coleslaw, potato salad, barbecue, and my favorite was the low-country boil (shrimp, sausage, potatoes, and corn). 

I even got to take a moment with the bride to make some funny faces! Isn’t that what the wedding is for? To have tons of fun!



I am so happy for Jeremy and Lucy and for their wonderful journey ahead. I know for a fact that Lucy deserves someone to treat her like the honest, trusting, witty, full of life–person/friend/lover she is and Jeremy is definitely that guy. Also, if he ever hurts her then he knows she has tons of back up (I mean me buddy!). Just kidding :) .

Now for the subject of running:


Between my crazy traveling schedule and work and nose issues, running and I haven’t been getting along as planned. :(

I have this amazing schedule planned out and then all these curve balls keep being thrown my way and breaking my jaw! (all you Braves fans would get that).

I am not going to get discouraged. I will not just stop because it isn’t going exactly as I planned. The truth is my schedule is about to be back on track and I KNOW that I can make up for what I have been missing.

That’s the truth…things do NOT go as you plan and you HAVE to be willing to pick up your big girl pants and just adapt to a new plan!

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend!!

P.S. This is so my life right now!