Stranger Danger + Week 2 Recap

Stran·ger n. A person whom one does not know or with whom one is not familiar. 

Want some candy? I have some in my car…I’ll give it to you if you come for a ride…



OK…so I know I said I wasn’t going to write while I was having family vaca time, but…I feel like I have become a stranger to my blog. It is almost like I am creeping on it…I always think about it, I try to come up with cool things to write, it excites me–however, the more I say I am going to write, the less that comes out!

Well…I am finally back and settled in from family time (which was absolutely AMAZING!) and I am ready to hunker down! (Is that even the saying?) 

This was also my week 2 of training. I didn’t even make a schedule to follow this week because I knew being out of town and running was going to be tough. I would like to say I actually ran MORE on vacation than the rest of the week!

First things first…FAMILY VACATION!!


My brother and his family live in PA which is a LITTLE far from GA. Needless to say family time can be few and far between. Don’t even ask me when we actually had what even resembled a vacation together. My brother is 10 years older than me…although the time difference has been rough, our bond has continually grown stronger over the years. 

The family dynamic has changed recently and I have gained 2 nieces, a nephew (Tyler is my nephew from before), and an awesome sister in law-ish (they aren’t married…yet) :)




Evan a.k.a brother!




Baby Charlotte!


Tyler and Ty!

I just realized I took ZERO pictures with Amy a.k.a sister in law-ish…I feel like an A$$hole now. I am sorry :( .

It was just an amazing and relaxing 4 days on the beach and by the pool. We spent QUALITY time together and I am beyond happy that I got to take time off to be with them!

Second is the Best…RUNNING!

So like I said before I left…I did not make a training schedule for this week. Probably not a good idea, but I didn’t want to set myself up for failure. So I figured no schedule meant that any miles I did would get me a step ahead of NOTHING. :)

So let’s recap:

Planned scheduled miles= 0

Actual miles= Sunday (rest day) Monday (5.56 miles) Tuesday (2.67 miles) Wednesday (5.02 miles) Thursday (1.85 miles…treadmill and got bored) Friday (rest day) Saturday (rest day from my rest day) Total Miles: 15.1 miles

My schedule says I should have done about 32 miles…I fell a little short, but did I mention I was on VACATION?

I begged my brother to bring his bike so he would ride with me while I ran. I felt bad because I ran so dagum slow, but I think he enjoyed the leisurely stroll.

I did have my first beach run!


AND…each day on vaca I was up with the sun! I was super proud of myself for this!


I had an amazing week with the family! Never think you are too old to take a family vacation or spend time with them. Also, it is NEVER too late to have the relationship with your family that you always wished you had. No matter how much distance is between you, an effort to have a relationship can always be made and rekindled. If you want something bad enough you will work hard to get it!

I hope you all had an amazing week and I will be sure to post my week 3 schedule tomorrow! For now…I have a hot date with some ice-cream!


How do you squeeze in a vacation run/workout?