Every Story has a Beginning

Be·gin·ning n. The point in time at which something starts.

Every story has a beginning. My story has a S#@! ton of new beginnings and ya know what? I am totally okay with that. The whole point of a beginning is to start over and to develop a continuos cycle of stories. My theory is that if you don’t like the point you are at in life, then shut the damn book you’re in and write a new story. A new beginning.

If you truly analyze where you are in your book, your story– you will realize it has been full of new beginnings. Maybe you have a new relationship, marriage, a baby, a new workout goal, a new school adventure, a new adventure, or in my case taking on writing a blog. More than often people focus on the ending of a chapter and don’t give themselves a pat on the back for the fact they are willing to start fresh–willing to begin again.

Obviously, like most stories they begin at birth. Well that’s the boring part. Skip 25 years down the road and that’s when the self realization, kick it in the A$$ story begins. I was lazy, felt fat and blob like, failed relationship after failed relationship, and needed something to call my own. So I said, “self..go for a run!”. So on that freezing October afternoon, I did. Then this happened:

1. Signed up for my first race. Jingle Jam 10K 2011.

1st race

For most people, just finishing your first race is amazing enough! Well it was more than amazing and I wanted MORE!

2. You can call it an addiction..I call it freedom, power, strength, legal drug.

Board of races

So i signed up for nearly ever race I felt comfortable with doing. 5ks, 10ks, Mud Run. And then I did what I said I’d never do!

3. Who the hell wants to spend 2 hours running?

Yeah well I ran 13.1 miles and LOVED it (Twice)! I did something I NEVER thought I could and I didn’t die doing it!

And then….A whole lot of life happened. I stopped running, stopped working out, stopped thinking of exercise. I did however, eat whatever crap I could find, drink lots of alcohol, and stared at my board of success wishing I was skinny.

About three weeks ago, while visiting my man in his hometown of Scotland–I walked this beast:


It doesn’t look like much here, but I wanted to act like a 2 year old and sit down and refuse to keep walking. So when he said to me, “when I first met you, you would have ran up this thing pushing me to go harder”….well that’ll do it! Talk about a swift kick in the A$$.

So what did I do? I began again! I literally had to start from scratch. It has only been three weeks and I am doing everything in my power to come back 150% tougher, stronger, badasser, than ever before!

I slammed my fat, frumpy, miserable book down on the ground and stomped on it! HARD! You can too. Whatever it is you are wanting to accomplish, whatever new story you want to write, like Nike says “Just Do It!”. Begin again, and again, and again until you are in the book that makes you everything you wanted to be!


The Beginning.