Work Hard, Train Harder!

Train·ing n. The action of undertaking a course of exercise and diet in preparation for a sporting event. 


July has come and gone (it went by WAY faster than normal, maybe because I am getting old :) ). If you have been following my (random) posts you will know that I had set a goal for myself in July. I was going to run 60 miles throughout the month. 

Well….that didn’t go a as planned unfortunately. My biggest set back was all the rain we had throughout July. It really made it difficult to get out there when I wanted. Also, I made a lot of excuses. I am going to be completely honest with myself and admit that the main reason I didn’t reach my goal was because of ME! If I TRUELY wanted to reach my goal, I would have regardless of the rain.


Don’t ever lie to yourself about why you didn’t reach a goal. The one thing I have learned is to analyze why you didn’t get there and what OPPORTUNITIES you have to help you get to your NEXT goal! 

Here are my July results (I use the Nike Plus Running app on my I-Phone to track my progress):

7/1: 2.24 Miles 7/2: 2.01 Miles 7/4: 3.14 Miles 7/10: 2.00 Miles 7/11: 2.15 Miles 7/16: 2.89 Miles 7/18: 2.70 Miles 7/23: 4.04 Miles 7/24: 6.22 Miles 7/28: 2.96 Miles 

For a grand total of 30.4 Miles with an average pace of 10’58/ Mile.

I reached HALF of my goal :( I’m not perfect and that’s why I am sharing this with you. I am not going to lie and say I did it when I OBVIOUSLY fell short. 

July is over so bring on August! :)

August, for me, marks my official “race season”. What I mean by this is that it is officially time to start my training for all of my upcoming events. In the past I just sorta shot in the dark to prepare for races. Meaning– I ran when I felt like it and randomly threw in some big mile days. If this works for you then by all means keep doing it, but this type of training gave me results I wasn’t happy with.

Ok ok, I take that back–I had a lot of firsts last year. Such as I did my first half marathon, and a first PR in a 10K. However, when I did my second half and realized my time didn’t improve at all I realized that my “training” wasn’t giving me the results I wanted.

My time last year at the Savannah Rock n Roll Half Marathon was 2:24. I beat my less than 2:30 goal, but I KNOW I can do better! 

So this year I am going in with my eye on the prize!


EXACTLY! It doesn’t happen over night and it sure won’t happen without a clear plan (at least for me). 

I have set a goal for myself to finish the Savannah Rock n Roll Half on Nov.9th with a time of 2:00 or better. Do the math with me…I am cutting off 24 minutes! 

I know what you are thinking…”oh 24 minutes thats no big deal”! Let me put this in perspective for you! My average race time for a half has been 10’50/ per mile. That’s a 2.29 mile difference I have to “cut” out. That’s a lot of road to cover.

In order to do so I have developed a training plan/ strategy. My plan is subject to improvement and change because I have to make it work for me and my work/life balance.

So here it is! My balls to the walls, rock out, I am going to be awesome–training schedule.


I apologize for the ghetto-ness of this picture. I took it out of a Runner’s World magazine :) Pretty much the schedule says, “You will be running 5/7 days and you run ALOT”! 

I will be making sure to update you all frequently (I can’t promise every day, but I will be posting more than usual so you can see how I am doing). 

Not only will I be running, but I am going to be adding in weight training, yoga, spin, and DIET! I get that this sounds like a lot. However, I am serious about my goals. You can’t get better by doing average work. 

Now when I say DIET, I do not mean I am DIETING! I mean I am eating CLEAN and honestly I will be eating a lot! There is no way I can get through a 30 mile WEEK eating like a supermodel. Remember, I did 30 miles for the MONTH of July and this plan has me doing 30- 40 miles per WEEK!

If it was easy, every one would do it!

In order to track my progress I will be taking a TON of body pictures. This is just to track the transformation of my awesomeness. Plus, I want to prove that “average” body types can rock it out! I do not take these photos because I am in love with myself (trust me it is actually hard to post these, but I am celebrating what my body is capable of).

IMG_2047 IMG_2048 IMG_2049

I really have to start taking pics of my legs…seeing as that’s what will help me through the running part of this :) .  My weight has stayed the same for the past 3 months right at 140 give or take a .02-.05. 

Tomorrow will mark the beginning of my training. I am going to Gold’s Gym (yes, I signed up because I will not let rain or any other element get in my way). I am open to any and all advice anyone has! I would also love help with my weight training! 

Tonight I am writing out my work out/running schedule to align with my work schedule. If I am going to make this work, then it has to work with MY schedule. I am going to do my best to put in the required miles per week, but which days I do the miles on will be tweaked. Working in sales and retail has to make you flexible.

A huge part of my diet is going to involve ENERGYbits. I know you’ve heard me talking about this guys, but they will be with me throughout my journey and I will be sure to let you know how it goes.


Tomorrow I will post the schedule I will be follow for week 1 and I will also include a list of all of my upcoming events.

I shall leave you with this quote (it will help me get past July and on to my race season goals!):




What are some tips you use to prepare for big races?