Wing It!

Con·trol n. The power to influence or direct people’s behavior or the course of events.


I wanted to start off your read with a Run Uncensored original picture :)

Winging it…that is a hard concept for me to truly understand. I wouldn’t call myself a “control freak”…okay, I take that back I pretty much am. I am not sure what it is, but I always feel the need to be the one in control.

Now don’t get it twisted…I DO NOT try to control others. I just like to make plans, be organized, have a schedule, and other various controllable factors like that. For some, even these items are hard to understand why one feels the need to control them. There are the “free spirits” of the world who just want to go with the flow and whatever happens–happens.

Through out the years I have tried to get better at letting go and realize that some things are just NOT in my control. I have also had to realize that not all people think the way I do (surprising I know, but it’s true). Being in control of everything is a lot of work and it really takes a lot of energy.


Another Run Uncensored original (couldn’t find the bottle opener…had to get creative). 

I guess the point I am getting at is that it is completely ok to just wing it sometimes. Although it kills me (like I literally have physical pain) when I want to make plans, but I just wait to hear from someone else and let them take lead. I still really appreciate NOT having to play the leader at all times. 

To me winging it means: not having a set running schedule (so scandalas), not having set plans on Monday for my Friday night, adding a random dinner date with a girlfriend during the week, not having set posts to write… the list goes on. 

I can see how this seems silly, but it is really tough for a type A personality to just “wing it”. I am trying though and that’s what matters. I have pissed off a lot of friends, lost out on dates, ruined potential relationships, and missed out on a lot of super cool events just because things had to be my way or the highway.

Yes, this is a random post–that’s the fun part of it. Letting go and just letting things go their natural route can be extremely scary, but at the same time if you try to rush life you can miss out on all the little steps that make living fun! Obviously you need to have some control over your life so you don’t end up like Miley Cyrus, but you don’t have to become a ridged beast. 


Sorry, but I am not gonna stop posting these little motivation pictures. If you would like to claim it is yours I would like to just say thank you and I absolutely love it and you should just let me keep cause it was made to inspire others!


What types or tricks do you use to let go and/or wing it?