Just Keep Sprinting + Virtual Runs

Virtual Race v. A “race” that can be ran anywhere you want! Usually done between certain dates and there is not “real” winner. 


This week has been AWESOME! Well, in my running world at least…my real world has kinda stunk. However, like I mentioned before I started my training and so far so good! 

Sunday, I ran 4 miles at the gym on the treadmill–which I already told ya’ll about.

I also had to make some small changes to my schedule for the week because…well I just did! :)

Monday ended up being a rest day. When I say rest day I mean I got home from work and didn’t move from my couch! I started a new show on Netflix called Orange is the New Black. It is pretty funny and entertaining.



I ran 6 Miles and felt like a SUPERSTAR! It was great and I didn’t give up! My Twitter friends keeps telling me that in order to get faster I have to start SPRINTING. Yeah… 

Needless to say I have been terrified of the sprint because I kept thinking I couldn’t do it. Well…doubt gets you absolutely no where. So as I was getting bored on miles 4 and 5 I decided…why not? 


So I found a sign…and then I made sure there was a sign past it too (see the sign in the distance?). When I approached the first sign I turned on my turbo jets on my shoes and HAULED it!!!! 

I felt like I was flying! I am pretty sure I looked like a complete idiot, but who gives a crap? Be jealous stranger in the car…be jealous!

I repeated my sprints about 5 times. 5 felt like a good number because I was also doing repeat hill work (I live on a hill… so I was literally running up the hill, then down the hill, then up the hill…you see?).

Sprints ended up being pretty awesome and I could still walk after. So if they are gonna help me be fast then I will definitely do them more!



My goal was 5. I pulled out 4.5 and I was happy with that. I spoke too soon…the sprints and hills caught up to me. Or maybe it was the fact that I have never ran larger miles back to back. Anything above 2 is large miles for me! 




So about a month ago I heard about these cool races called Virtual Races. I mean… a race I can do anywhere, anytime, and I have about a week to complete it? Sign me up! 

Well I DID sign up! I went on active.com and found one that looked fun and was for a good cause (I’d be lying if the medal didn’t have something to do with it). YES! I said it…MEDAL! You get bling for a Virtual Race. What girl doesn’t love a little extra bling?

That’s how I found the:


Cute right? Plus, I get to help the furry friends of Franklin.


That’s Franks….just in case you forgot.

So, because of my work schedule I picked today to do my race. I did a little extra because I needed to do 7 Miles for my schedule. I was super pumped for race day! I even laid out all my swag (I even customized my bib) :)

IMG_2089 IMG_2093

The person who hosted the race (plantbasedrunner)…emailed the bib template out and I just HAD to make it my own!

I woke up super early (which is VERY abnormal for me! 6:30 am with NO alarm). Once, I got ready and had my ENERGYbits, I drove to my favorite running spot!

I admit…I probably looked like a total running douche. I say this because I had a camel pack, a fuel belt, a bib, my IPhone, and KT Tape all down my calf. DOUCHE!

BTW: I was super disappointed with my first KT Tape experience. I tried to follow all the instructions to a T, but it still peeled at mile 1!


I will try it again, but that crap is hard to put on solo. 

I felt absolutely AMAZING for this run! I started and I wasn’t in pain and I reached mile 3 in no time (ok, my time was slow as hell but it felt easy). I lost my shirt and my bib on mile 3. It was SO hot and I sweated my bib off :( it ripped. However, I ended up running in just my shorts and a sports bra. This is a HUGE step for me! I get very self conscious and I felt like I rocked my sweatiness (did I mention I was really hot).



The run I did is pretty much 3 miles out and 3 miles back. On the way back I was running with the sun on my back!


Don’t ask I have no idea how that ended up upside down.

On my way back these interesting things happened and pissed me off:

  • I thought there was a stray dog running alone (go figure on my Dog Days of Summer Run). However, his owner was just the lady I had past about a quarter mile back. Lady- get your dog on a leash, run with him, and get the poor guy some water!!!! P.S. don’t give me the stank eye when I stop to help him in the HEAT! UGH!
  • Almost got smashed like a bug crossing a cross walk. You know those clearly marked white things in the road when walkers and runners have the right away? Yeah…Lady- get off your phone and realize I was IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CROSS WALK as you barrel through!
  • A trash truck drove by me and I wanted to PUKE!

Other than that my race was great! I had fun, I had energy, and I did something new (a Virtual Race).

I can’t wait for my bling to come in. I am going to check the mail later! If you want to do a race, but have a crazy schedule I HIGHLY recommend trying a Virtual Race! They are affordable too because there isn’t a location and all the extra junk to fund. I only paid $20 and all the proceeds went to the ASPCA.

I challenge you to try something new, start a schedule, take a new route, sprint a little, anything you want that is different than your norm. You never know…it may end up being one of the best things you’ve ever done!


How do you feel about dogs off the leash? Running your dog in the heat? Am I over reacting about the lady and the dog?