Clean Slate

Boredom n. The state of feeling bored.

This comes at absolutely no surprise (or at least it shouldn’t)…I have become absolutely bored.

I haven’t become bored with everything in my life…mainly writing, running, and pretty much everything else that requires effort. That sounds bad, I get it. I feel like I have finally realized there is so much more to life then writing and running.

However, I realized that writing and running IS my life! It is what makes me happy. I get over joyed when something I do or say inspires others. It’s like a contact high from delivering my positive energy to someone else.

Most of you don’t know, but can probably figure it out. I went through yet again another break up in July. That’s about when my writing effort dwindled… I just realized I needed to focus on getting my shit together in order to move on.

Believe it or not, dating at 26 is hard! Fail after fail and putting yourself back out there is tough as hell. How am I supposed to juggle a full time job, working out, spending time with friends, writing, and dating? Ok, it doesn’t sound as bad as it feels, but it’s tough!

Dates are like constant interviews. Then your left with the…will this work, is there a future, do I like him, does he like me…it goes on. It’s a lot of emotional work. I ain’t got time for that! Plus, I don’t settle. I know what I need, what I want…guys don’t get it half the time.

So finally, I gave up. Mentally I gave up giving a shit on finding a guy. Why the hell should I care about some dude? I am a strong, independent, confident woman and I don’t need to go looking for a guy to be happy. Good things come to those who wait right? RIGHT!

So I gave myself a clean slate. As soon as I did, the things I used to love doing finally seemed so interesting again! I want to write, I want to inspire, I want to motivate others. That’s what keeps me strong, that’s what keeps me confident, it keeps me moving forward.

If something is meant to be in your life, it will come and it will stay no matter what. Until that day, give yourself a clean slate. Start again and again (you know I love to)!

P.S sorry for no pictures, I got motivated during lunch and borrowed someone’s iPad to do this!