Blame It All On My Roots!

Self Re·flec·tion n. Introspection is the self observation and reporting of conscious inner thoughts, desires and sensations. 


“Blame it all on my roots, I showed up in boots, and ruined your black tie affair…” Oh Garth you say it so well! P.S. that is a very creepy picture of Garth (it made me laugh)! 

Well, if you didn’t get the memo…today is my BIRTHDAY! 


 It’s ok to laugh :)

So how did I decide to celebrate? Well I was going to go for a small jog/ run of a max of 5 miles, but when I mentioned I was turning 26 to my twitter friends–they told me I could run either 26 miles or 6.2 miles. So I chose the 6.2 (DUH!). 


So I put on my birthday pro-compression socks and headed on a tour of my tiny hometown. I took lots of pics so you could see where I grew up! I call it my, “Blame It All On  My Roots” tour! :)


I come from a small town called Bluffton, S.C. Most people couldn’t locate it on a map even if they tried, but as soon as you say Hilton Head they all of a sudden realize that Bluffton exists. 


We have a ton of really cool shops and cafes. It is very unique–just like me!


We have a TON of super old buildings and churches. If you like historic stuff then this is a town to visit. This church is featured in a ton of magazines. It is very gorgeous! 

IMG_1958 IMG_1959

This is the May River. We used to jump off the dock here and try to swim before the tide took us. Dumb I know, but…it was the funniest activity there was to pass time here! This is where a majority of Oysters on the coast come from. Remember every time you eat an oyster from the May RIver…MY GERMS! :)


My socks and I were only 1 mile in at this point. So we thought it was a good idea to run down a road with no sidewalks. Plus: I didn’t get hit by a car! Some dude working on the road pulled up his sleeve, showed me his bicep, and said, “you trying to get like me?”. Dude have you seen these calves? You need to get like me! 


I ran by my old elementary school. Talk about memories. I would run by my high school, but I would probably croak by the time I got there.


Ran by the Tanger Outlets. I really wanted to detour and go shopping, but I would probably have stunk the place out! 


I am pretty amazed that I planned my milage so good because I hit the 6.2 mile mark right in front of my neighborhood! SCORE! I cooled off and walked my way in. I was scared that if I stopped moving then I would pass out.


Yeah…I pretty much died right there. But in a good way…like I was super happy I had accomplished my run–the heat got me!

Once I finished my birthday run, my mom and I went to the beach! Talk about the best nap EVER!


Wow! My arm looks long as hell! 

Anywho–birthdays are about reflection. Have you ever heard that? People keep calling it “the day of reflection”…well, what do I reflect on? I thought about this on my run and all I could kept thinking was, “don’t stop, keep going!”. 

Then it hit me! That’s it, that’s my year! 25 for me was about milestones and NOT STOPPING! I graduated with my MBA, I had a break up and make up with running and exercise, I struggled with loving my job, I decided to give it my all again and got a promotion, I cleaned up some negative baggage in my life, and most of all I didn’t let it stop me.

True, it hasn’t been an easy year and true it isn’t all rainbows and butterflies, but I didn’t let it knock me off my feet. I kept going–I found a new route and made it my own. 

Don’t let anything stop you! Make your own path! Just keep going! That’s my reflection day in a nutshell! Thank you for all of the birthday wishes!


How do you enjoy celebrating YOUR birthday?