I actually had a weekend! – Recap

In·spi·ra·tion n. The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, esp to do something creative.

Why hello there! Long time no see. I hope you don’t hate me for being in hibernation so long, but I finally feel like I found my mojo again.

Needless to say I have been lacking some inspiration lately. My life has literally been work, work, run, work, run, and work some more. I can only be so creative with what I’ve been given lately. Every time I go to write something or think I have a good idea, my mind literally goes…well, that’s boring!



Oh yeah..and I had my first race for the season! Now that is something to talk about! 


It was a super small run of about 100 people to benefit a local guy my age who got brutally attacked downtown one night on a date. It was really amazing to see everyone come together for a such a close to home cause. 

Presley and I ran the race on Saturday morning at 8:00 am. Logan was going to run with us, but sometimes life happens and we still love her no matter what! I LOVE YOU LOGAN!!!!!!!!! (Sorry had to give a shout out cause she was super upset. If you are REAL friends, you will be understanding that shit happens).

Somehow Presley and I lead the pack to the starting line. We LITERALLY were the first on the starting line…it was intimidating to say the least. I told her I was going to try and keep up, but knew that she was going to naturally haul ass. That girl is fast cause she has super long, quick, asphalt kicking legs!

When the dude said GO! All I know is my legs started kicking and we went. We pretty much left the crowd behind us too! Of course some guys passed us and then there was this super leggy red head in front of us. At mile 1 it hit me though..with Presley by my side and I could see the red head in front of us…holy shit I was running in 3rd! Begin total freak out!

As my lungs were bursting from my chest, I had to slow down a bit or I was going to stop breathing. Presley started becoming a near image in the distance and a couple others passed me. Super fit girl passed me, then skinny chick with a A-game face passed me, but I could still count on one hand the amount of females in front of me, once military looking chick passed me on mile 2–I knew I had to dig deep and say “NO MORE!”. 


Hell yeah! Number 6 female…I’ll take it! That was the BEST I have ever ran! I was so proud after I crossed the finish and he yelled my time at me 26:14! Yes, I know my Nike plus says something different, but I couldn’t get it to start in time. 

Once I was done with my race, I took a nap :) . So exciting I know! Nothing else special happened on Saturday except for some football.

Sunday, a friend and I took our dogs to the river.


This was a HUGE step for Franklin. He is not so good with other dogs. He has this alpha male thing he just can’t get over. We spent about 2 hours walking down the rapids. We saw some great stuff and some not so great stuff.


Snake..not so cool.


Franklin in the water…cool!


Franklin playing Jack from Titanic…cool!


This view on a Sunday…AMAZING!

Overall, I had a great weekend! I kicked ass, relaxed, and got to take a deep breath! I feel re-inspired and ready to keep this streak going! I hope everyone had a great weekend!


How do you get re-inspired?