At The Happiest

Hap·py adj. Feeling or showing pleasure or contentment.

This weekend really got me thinking about a few aspects of my life that need work. One of them being happiness. I say this because on Saturday I got to run in The Color Run Augusta. I had never done a color run for The Color Run before. Last year I did the Color Me Rad which was a ton of fun, but when I heard The Color Run was coming to Augusta–I knew I had to sign up! 

Here is a recap of how it went:


Gathered the girls


Warm up Zumba twerking



Finish line color party




And a whole lot of color!


We are so legit, we made The Color Run Facebook page!

Needless to say we know how to get down and dirty and have FUN! We really were the HAPPIEST! 

It got me thinking though, the happiest what? Happiness can explain so many aspects of our lives. I am the happiest when I run, with my dad, with Franklin, with friends, accomplishing something new…but, how happy am I with just me?

After an epic weekend of lows and highs, I realized that I AM 94% happy with just being me. I leave some room for improvement because things aren’t perfect. I think once we accept ourselves, we accept our actions, we accept what we can and can’t control, then we can be legit happy with ourselves.

Sometimes I go through those episodes when I feel like maybe if I changed something about myself here or there then I would become more marketable for someone else. Maybe others would accept me more and I would have more friends. Maybe I’d be able to meet someone and have a steady relationship. 

Then I realize…if I have to change who I am, what I believe, how I act, what I say, or how I look to please someone else…then that person isn’t worth my time in the first place. Who the hell cares?! Not me! 

I can finally honestly say that I am the happiest I have ever been. I have challenged myself, I have overcome obstacles, I have tried and lost at love (but at least I can say I tried), I like what I see in the mirror, inside I am stronger now more than ever…I am just happy being me!

I challenge you to find your happy. To be YOUR happiest. To try something new. To get back up if you get pushed down. Most of all…be happy with you!

I hope everyone had an amazing week! Also, if you have never done The Color Run I highly recommend it! The after party is well worth the 3.1 mile run or walk! I think me and pops are gonna do one in the near future together!


What’s your happiest?




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